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Community Partners Overview


DCFS Community Partners are a collaborative network of regional and community organizations that can assist clients with varying levels of support, from providing information about DCFS services to guiding clients through the application process.

Current Community Partners
are listed under Community Partners
in the DCFS Parish Office Directory

Levels of Partnership:

Bronze Level
As a Bronze level partner, partner responsibilities include the following:
  • Make informational material such as pamphlets and brochures available to the client. These materials will be provided to you by a DCFS Community Specialist.
  • Offer a computer if one is available for public use for applicants to enter their own information in the on-line application. It is not necessary for your staff to be available to answer questions.
  • Offer a paper application if the client is adamant about completing a paper application.
  • Provide applicants with a place that affords sufficient privacy to complete the application without compromising confidential information.
  • Offer a self-addressed stamped envelope to the client to mail an application and/or verification to a DCFS office. A DCFS Community Specialist will provide you with the envelopes.
  • May make other office equipment such as telephones, fax machines, copiers, etc. available to the applicants to carry out DCFS program business.
Silver Level
In addition to the responsibilities listed under the Bronze level partner, partners must:
  • make at least one computer available with Internet access for clients to enter their own information in the online application and have partner staff available to answer questions during the process.
Gold Level
In addition to the responsibilities listed under the Bronze and Silver levels, partners must:
  • have partner staff available to enter application information on behalf of the applicant upon request.
Community partners will not determine eligibility for DCFS program benefits. DCFS will be responsible for processing all applications completed at a community partner site. This includes interviewing the applicant, determining eligibility for benefits, and notifying applicants of the decision.

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