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DSS Employee Receives Randolph-Sheppard Honor

The Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of Louisiana recognized Paul Rabeaux, a Department of Children & Family Services (DSS) employee, for his outstanding service to individuals who are legally blind and visually impaired.
Rabeaux works in the Lafayette Regional Office for Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS), an agency within DSS. He received the “LRS Staff Member of the Year” award for his dedicated time, effort and energy to the Randolph-Sheppard Program statewide, including the Randolph-Sheppard Vendors of Louisiana. Rabeaux, a New Iberia native, received his bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Rabeaux has been with DSS for more than five years.
LRS administers the Randolph-Sheppard Business Enterprise Program, which provides individuals who are blind with training through the agency’s flagship program, Vocational Rehabilitation.
The Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Louisiana is a professional organization comprised of legally blind vendors throughout the state of Louisiana. Its members own and operate a wide variety of food-service operations, including cafeterias, coffee and snack shops, vending machine locations, highway rest area vending sites and retail facilities in federal, state and other government buildings and military bases. Currently, LRS’ Randolph-Sheppard Vending Facility Program has 87 vending facilities located statewide.