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task force on youth aging out of foster care

NYTD: National Youth in Transition Database: Tracking resources for our youth to ensure a better future.

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This flyer provides information to any caregiver involved with the care of a youth who is being surveyed.
This flyer is for any youth participating in the NYTD survey. Join us each year for our NYTD Event!
  • 16-21 year-olds that meet criteria
  • have fun, gain resources for independence and make connections
If you are a youth who needs to complete a survey, someone will be in contact to complete the survey with you.  If nobody has contacted you, please contact your local case manager or the state NYTD Contact.

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NYTD Contact for State of Louisiana

Elizabeth Anthon



educational training voucher (ETV):  Financial assistance for post-secondary educational programs

Other Youth Resource information

If you have questions regarding services from DCFS to youth and young adults or wish to update your contact information with us, contact you local office or email us at DCFS.Fostercare@La.Gov.


Proposed Tax Credit Would Reward Employers Who Hire Former Foster Youth



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