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Mar 18, 2015
Friendly Kevion Hopes to Play Football Professionally

Meet Kevion, a 12 year old with the size and skills to one day become a professional football player! He has the athleticism and energy to match his dream of playing for the NFL. Kevion can be found on a sunny day playing football or basketball in the neighborhood.

He has bright eyes and loves to smile. His friendly personality makes it easy for him to make new friends wherever he goes. Kevion is very clever and easily engages in any conversation. He enjoys making people laugh and joking around with friends.

Kevion wants a family that does not mind putting in a little time helping him complete homework assignments. He wants to someday make his forever family proud of his hard work ethic. If distracted, Kevion is easily redirected with positive reinforcement and treats in the form of food! Kevion is not very picky when it comes to food as long as the option to have seconds and thirds are available.

Like most teens his age, Kevion also enjoys playing video games but prefers the outdoors any day of the week. He is eager to be part of a family that he can call his own and support his love of football and other sports. His family will need to be understanding, loving and patient.

Kevion expressed that it did not matter whether his new family is composed of a single mom, single dad or two parents. He just wanted to make sure his new family enjoys having fun and is willing to give him the affection and attention he deserves!

For more information about Kevion or other children in need of adoption, call the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services at 1 (800) 259-3428. If you are interested in providing a safe and stable home for a child who needs one, please call today or visit