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Athletic Teen Enjoys Football and Basketball Devonte is a 16-year-old who teenager who enjoys playing football and basketball. In addition to enjoying sports, Devonte likes to watch television and play video games. Devonte is very opinionated and he is able to express his opinion in a respectful manner. In addition to being a good athlete he is also a good student who earns above average grades. Intelligent Siblings Love Video Games Fourteen-year-old Jordan is quite the social butterfly and loves playing games and talking about TV shows with his friends. He excels at school and enjoys being outside. Eleven-year-old Fabian's favorite things to do are playing video games and eating pizza. He excels in school, especially in math and science, and may want to design video games when he grows up.
Hulk Fan Enjoys Being Outside Kyler is a playful young man who loves being outside! He enjoys sports. His favorite sport activity is basketball. When he is not playing basketball, you can find him playing video games. Kyler has a lot of favorite things. He loves the color red, eating pizza, and is a huge Hulk fan. Kyler can't wait to find his forever family. Friendly Preteen is a Dog Lover Nathan is a friendly 13-year-old boy who loves watching cartoons. In addition, Nathan never tires of his second love, which is playing video games. He has never seen a dog that he didn't love and hopes that his forever family will have at least one. Nathan is a people person. He gets along well with other children and adults.
Animated 12-Year-Old Hopes for a Big Family Zachary is a happy and healthy twelve-year-old Caucasian male. He enjoys playing all sports: hunting, fishing, and just being outside. Zachary is an animated and active boy. He loves food and he has expressed he would eat just about any type of food, but lists his favorite as seafood. Zachary is seeking parents who are will to spend extra time assisting him to achieve his fullest potential academically. Zachary states that he wants to be adopted into a family with other children. He is excited to be a part of a forever family. Cute Five-Year-Old Will Ask for Hugs JoShawn is a cute five-year-old boy who has the ability to make his needs for affection and attention known. He will make vocal noises to let his caretakers know he wants to be rocked or held. JoShawn communicates by making sounds. In addition, he can stretch his body and kick his legs. He was born with multiple physical challenges. He receives special services within the school environment: physical, occupational and speech therapy that assist him with learning to accomplish a degree of normal functioning.
Lovable Toddler Likes Music and Cartoons Solana is a bright-eyed, lovable 3-year-old. Solana enjoys sitting in her swing, listening to music, and watching the action on the cartoon channel. Solana babbles when spoken to and loves to be held and cuddled. Solana is able to follow voices and turns her head when she hears her name called. Solana requires total care and would benefit from a forever family who can commit themselves to providing her with a safe, stable, and nurturing home environment to reach her full potential. Ten-Year-Old Gamer Always Has a Smile on His Face Joseph is a ten-year-old boy. Joseph can always be found with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Joseph states he enjoys math and reading. He loves playing with Legos, watching television, playing Angry Birds and other video games, and eating. Joseph is described as an affectionate child and well-mannered. He is currently enrolled in the 5th grade. Joseph says he enjoys meeting new people and teaching others how to play games on the tablet. Joseph hopes his forever family will include a mom and a dad who will be supportive of his interest and needs.
Affectionate Boy is an Athlete Meet 10-year-old loving, sweet, and affectionate Braylon. He is currently in the 4th grade, and looking for a family who will take time out to assist him with improving his reading skills. Just like most 10-year-olds he loves being the center of attention and giving big hugs. In his free time, Braylon enjoys drawing, playing on his tablet, and building with his Legos. In conjunction with his love for snacks and gum, he loves the superhero Captain America. Braylon is also a bit of an athlete and he expresses his love for football and basketball. Braylon is seeking a family that is able to provide him love, attention, and quality time. Adventurous Nine-Year-Old Enjoys Exploring Nathan is a happy 9-year-old male who, despite his medical challenges, is a joy to have in his foster home. Nathan's favorite foods are fish sticks and bananas. Nathan likes to display his independence whenever possible, as evident when he doesn't want to allow anyone to assist him. Nathan attends kindergarten where he enjoys being with the other children. Nathan is described as being adventurous and loving to explore. Clifford the Big Red Dog is his favorite television program.
Loving Six-Year-Old Likes Playing Outside Cassidy is a happy and funny little six-year-old girl with a big personality. She is very shy at first, but once she gets to know you she is very loving and friendly. At any given time you will find her smiling while she is playing outside. Some of her favorite activities include riding her bike, playing with small trinkets, coloring, and putting together puzzles. Cassidy has some medical and behavioral challenges that require extra attention. Overall she is a loving child looking for a forever family. She desires a family that will provide love, hugs, supervision, and encouragement. Sweet Second-Grader Enjoys Playing Outside Christopher, age 8, is a sweet and affectionate child. He enjoys playing outside, putting together puzzles and attending church and Sunday school.Currently he is enrolled in the 2nd grade. Christopher is in an inclusion classroom setting. Christopher and his sister Cassidy are special and will require a special family that will parent and love them unconditionally.
Talented Teen Has a Huge Heart Tatyana is a very smart, sweet, and outgoing teenager. She is an 8th grader making average grades. She is very active and enjoys swimming, praise dancing, and going to church. And, like most teenage girls, she also enjoys singing in the church choir, shopping, and lot and lots of jewelry. She is an overall healthy child with a huge heart and is willing to help others. She is very good at helping around house and loves to be praised. Tatyana will need parents who will provide her with lots of love and attention. In conjunction with her many talents she also likes to read. Basketball Fan Hopes for Family That Loves Him Brandon is a fifteen year old Caucasian boy who enjoys playing sports, especially basketball. His favorite team is the New Orleans Pelicans. Brandon likes to hang out with friends, play sports, and listen to music in his spare time. He is a very talented writer who writes songs and poems. Brandon has stated that he is open to any type of family; he just wants a family to love him. He would prefer to remain in Louisiana but will consider a family out of state. Brandon needs a patient, experienced family that understands he has had struggles in the past, and is willing to provide structure and support.
Friendly Girl Adores Family Outings April is friendly, lovable, and loves to talk. April enjoys being in a family setting and meeting new friends. Her favorite activities are riding her bike, playing with baby dolls, and singing. She loves to shop for new clothes, shoes, and of course her accessories. April’s outing just would not be complete without stopping to get her hair styled and her nails polished. April loves being the center of attention and she loves to sing. Her favorite song is "Take Me to the King" by Tamela Mann. She enjoys family outings such as rides on the lake to eat crawfish and going to church. Her favorite colors are purple and pink.  

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